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Göreme Panorama Point – Pamper Yourself

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Watch the changing colors of the hot air balloons, fairy chimneys and intriguing rock formations as the sun goes down beyond the horizon.

Sunset Point is known affectionately among locals and visitors as Göreme’s most beautiful vista. Watch the colorful hot air balloons illuminate the sky with a backdrop of fairy chimneys and diverse terrain. As its name suggests, the viewpoint is particularly charming in the evening as the sun goes down and turns the sky red and gold.

uchisar castle in cappadocia

You must see Uchisar Castle in Cappadocia

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Uchisar Castle History

Uchisar Castle is the highest peak in Cappadocia region except the volcanoes and the most prominent land formation. A climb up the 120 steps to the summit of the fortress is a logical introduction to the rocky scapes of Cappadocia. Starting from the 1st century, Romans, Byzantines, Selcuks and Ottomans took advantage of the natural elevation of three of the area’s rock formations and used them as natural fortresses.


Some suggestions to attract Uchihar Castle

  • Most beautiful panoramic Cappadocia view from the highest point
  • You need effort during to reach the peak by 120 big staircase
  • Don’t go while raining because there isn’t awning above the stairs

Uchisar Castle Entrance Fee

It’s 8 Turkish Lira ( about €1 )

Opening Hours

It’s opening from 9am to 6pm everyday