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cappadocia balloon festival 3july

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Festival will be held on July 3-7

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150 hot air balloons in the region will fly at the festival, which will be held on July 3-7, hosted by the Municipality of Ürgüp – 11 different countries will participate in the festival with 20 different figures.

Turkey’s most important tourism centers in Cappadocia, international hot air balloon festival will be held for the first time.

According to the statement made by the Municipality of Ürgüp, technical meeting was held within the scope of “Cappadocia International Hot Air Balloon Festival” which will be held on 3-7 July under the sponsorship of Pasha Balloons.

DATE: 3rd – 7th July 2019

The festival will start with the performances of folk dance groups from Georgia and 150 hot air balloons serving in the region will make 6 separate flights.

The international festival, which will be held for the first time, will take place in 20 different figures with balloons in the USA, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, Indonesia, England, Slovakia, France, the Netherlands, Japan and Mexico.

Location: Urgüp, Göreme, Zelve

Cappadocia Festival

Cappadocia Festivals and Cappadox 2018

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Cappadocia Festival as known Cappadox beyond music, abreast art, gastronomy & outdoor programming, inspired as always by the Cappadocian landscape.

Cappadox festival has been welcomed participants from all over the world between on 14 – 19 June 2018 in Cappadocia.

Cappadocia Festival that also known Cappadox will take place with the theme “Ways Out From The World” and focusing Pozitif experience

DATE: 14-18 June 2018

If you are not here on this date, Don’t sad, because of in Cappadocia everyday is Hot Air Balloon Festival. You cannot see over 100 balloons anywhere except Cappadocia almost all season.

Outdoor Events

Cappadocia Festival outdoor programme is embodied with silent walks, valley walks, cycling, running and yoga events, too. Festival participants experience the difficult conditions and the inspiring atmosphere of the landscape in the different hours of the day at Pigeon Valley, Red Valley, Love Valley; Soğanlı, Meskendir Valley, Gomeda Valley, Avanos Valley, Göreme Valley, Zemi Valley and around Uchisar Castle.

Cappadocia Festival - Yoga
Cappadocia Festival – Yoga

A Music Experience in Extraordinary Ambiences

Cappadox 2017’s music programme includes Rhye, Emma Shapplin featuring Mercan Dede, Acid Pauli, Kaan Tangöze, Peter Broderick & David Allred Duo, Ah! Kosmos, Kalben, Kuan,Kayhan Kalhor & Erdal Erzincan, Büyük Ev Ablukada, Oceanvs orientalis vs İlhan Erşahin, Dead Combo, Lars Danielsson Duo ft. Gregory Privat,  Yasmine Hamdan and Akın Sevgör. There are also going to be surprise performances that will dare Cappadoxians to imagine.

Cappadocia Festival Music
Cappadocia Festival Music



Singers and Groups will perform in nature, on special stages designed and transformed for Cappadox. Concert sites  Bezirhane, Perili Ozanlar Valley, Güray Müze, Uçhisar Çiftlik Evi and Kızılvadi where sunset concerts will take place.

Cappadocia to admire the sunset, Red Valley hosts Sunset Concerts where attendees can enjoy music accompanied by an exquisite view of the valley painted in red. You must get it top of your list.

Cappadox festival will bring dreams true 2018 summer. Don’t wait and book your tickets, accommodations and especially hot air balloon tour in Cappadocia before it is too late – much more people are coming every year.


Alternative Cappadocia Festivals

Cappadocia Colors Tent Festival

Their slogan is come with your tent and join us! Cappadocia Colors Tent festival will be starting at 21st September at Kaya Camping Göreme, Cappadocia.

Price : 100 Turkish Lira


Salcano Cappadocia Bicycle Festival

Be one of the participants of Salcano Cappadocia Cycling Festival, that will be held in Cappadocia, a UNESCO World Heritage site with its outstanding natural beauty and unique history!

Date: 29 August – 2 September 2018

Salcano Gran Fondo Cappadocia – Long Course

Amateur road bike race with 107 kms. distance that will start and end in Uchisar.

Salcano Gran Fondo Cappadocia – Short Course

Amateur road bike race with 41 kms. distance that will start and end in Uchisar.


Which one better that Cave or Stone hotels in Cappadocia?

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Cappadocia Cave Hotels are very famous in Cappadocia, Turkey. There are hundreds of cave rooms, rock-carved rooms and  light-colored stone brick rooms. However also there are standard hotels as Hilton, Dinler Hotels, Kayakapi Premium Caves, Sacred House and Museum Hotel are most famous hotels whose have awards from Worldwide Tourism Organizations.


For Cappadocia travel, you should make a travel plan at least for two nights staying. The less won’t be enough, the more will be of course better. In this article, while planning your Cappadocia travel, we will try to answer the question where you should stay. There are many options for your accommodation in Cappadocia due to its wide geographical area. It may be good for you to select a place close to sightseeing areas because the transportation in Cappadocia is arranged at certain intervals with the shuttles of the municipality. And this requires you to move based on shuttle hours.

Apart from transportation, another point that we recommend you to pay attention is to select a place where you can enjoy this unique geography.

Your first choice must be Cappadocia Cave Hotels…

Cappadocia Cave Hotel

You can accommodate in classic hotel rooms or in big star hotels in other holidays, but you cannot find the Cappadocia’s boutique hotels inside of fairy chimneys and its distinctive geography in any other place. Therefore, your first choice must be Cave Hotels.

Definitely, Göreme should be your first option for accommodation

View of Goreme

If you have the possibility, we strongly recommend you to stay in a hotel which is built inside of a fairy chimney or a cave. Our first recommendation for accommodation in Cappadocia is definitely Göreme. It is pretty town which is surrounded by historical fairy chimneys and can be called as the heart of the Cappadocia. Many boutique hotels in Göreme are built inside of a cave or a fairy chimney. In our opinion, what makes staying here unique is being able to sleep inside of a historical fairy chimney or a cave.

Another suggestion is Ortahisar…

Ortahisar Cappadocia

Another suggestion is Ortahisar where both boutique and chain hotels are present. If you choose to stay in a five-star hotel rather than a boutique hotel, then you can stay in Ortahisar comfortably. There aren’t many places to visit in Ortahisar as it is in Ürgüp and Göreme. However, transportation possibilities are quite advanced due to being close to both Ürgüp and Göreme. You can arrive to sightseeing places in a short time with your own car or shuttles.

Uçhisar which is the highest area of Cappadocia is a pretty good option for a luxurious accommodation

Uçhisar which is the highest area of Cappadocia is a pretty good option for a luxurious accommodation. Also, Uçhisar Castle is located here from where you can see Cappadocia 360 degrees. Most of the hotels here are constructed by digging the caves just like in Göreme. In our opinion, the best side of staying in Uçhisar is watching the unique view of Cappadocia from the top.

In our opinion, Avanos is not a good address to stay for your trip to Cappadocia

In our opinion, Avanos is not a good address to stay for your trip to Cappadocia. This is because of the fact that Avanos is located at the tip of Cappadocia, so most of the sightseeing places are far away. You can get access easily with your own car or shuttles. However, we recommend you to stay somewhere more central and within the fairy chimneys.

Cappadocia Balloon Accident

Cappadocia Balloon Accidents and Safety Enough?

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Are Cappadocia Hot Air Balloons safety?

All hot air balloons are licensed in Cappadocia and controlled aircraft-civil aviation. Hot air balloon Pilots must have licensed and there are certain standards for commercial balloon flights like experience, age, health. Hot Air Balloon Companies must carry insurance coverage.

Civil Aviation determined rules and tracks all balloon flights in Cappadocia, and All pilots should obey to rules such as take of time, fly-up speed, cancellation flights etc.

Safe but Risky?

All Cappadocian Balloon companies wants to operate safely, nobody wants an accident or injury for their passengers, pilots, balloons, personal and tourism.


…..article to be continued