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Up high, one feels the thrill of the sights below that are so unique to Turkey

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Earlier this year, my family and I spent some time touring around Turkey. A highlight that most certainly makes it to the top of the list of things recommended was a hot air ballooning experience over Cappadocia.

It was exhilarating, yet at the same time so incredibly peaceful and cathartic!

Before even lifting into the sky, one is surrounded with other balloons all being fired up and embarking at different times. It was mesmerizing watching heaps of colourful fabric on the floor, soon become round balloons.

The blast of fire released into the balloon by the pilot provided just enough heat to keep us warm as we were propelled upwards. Up high, one feels the thrill of the sights below that are so unique to Turkey.

I have thought about going hot air ballooning on different occasions at different locations. However, going here in Cappadocia, was by far the best decision and will be the most special due to the hundreds of fairy chimneys down below.

The only sound heard was that coming from the whooshing of the fire, the chatter of the passengers as well as the pilot radioing to the base down below. Watching the sunrise peak out from behind the hill was the epitome of the journey in the sky and at that exact moment I was overcome with such a feeling of euphoria! Upon landing,

I had expectations of it being jolty and uncomfortable. However, I was amazed at their precision of landing the balloon so smoothly on the back of a pick-up truck. This exploration was a morning so well spent.